Have You Considered Zen Internet For Your Broadband?


zen-internet-broadband-logo Highly regarded Zen Internet have been providing fast broadband since 1995 and have built up their business around providing quality service and customer support. I’ve always regarded Zen Internet in the same tier as other broadband providers like IDNet who while being less well known on a larger scale, focus on providing exceptional service (both in terms of their support and quality of their broadband) to business and residential users. They may not have the exposure of some of the larger broadband suppliers in... Read More

Share Your Experiences Of Amazing Broadband Customer Service


1360518002_amor We are putting together an article containing feedback from our users of amazing customer service they’ve received from their broadband provider. Have you had great customer service from your broadband provider? Have they gone the extra mile to fix your problem or improve your service? If so we’d love to hear experiences and stories. Please leave your reviews and experiences in the comment section underneath, we’d really appreciate you sharing your broadband provider stories.... Read More