What Do You Think Of The New BT Home Hub 4?


BT Home Hub 4 BT’s new Home Hub 4 has been out for a month or so now and we’ve began to get the first lot of reviews in. If you’ve got one of the new hubs and would like to pass on your comments and reviews about it please click here to send us your message or leave a comment below… We’ll collect all the best comments and reviews for a future blog post to give our readers an overall summary of people’s... Read More

Totally Unlimited Broadband Now Available From TalkTalk


talktalk-250px TalkTalk have announced they are now offering a ‘totally unlimited broadband’ service on their Essentials and Plus TV packages. Basically, this means TalkTalk will no longer use traffic management during peak hours (normally used to slow connections) meaning you’ll get a more consistently fast speed at all times. They’ve also introduced a Totally Unlimited Broadband service which is provided in in accordance with the industry Broadband Stakeholders Group voluntary code of practice. Essentially, their trying to make broadband packages and jargon... Read More