BBC Reports That Slow Broadband Is Damaging Education


The BBC are reporting that families in rural areas are suffering from a lack of suitable broadband access which is having a detrimental affect on the education of their children.

The report is based on a survey by NFU Mutual (an insurance firm) and it’s findings indicate that as many as 20% of rural families have poor broadband connections. Parents believe this is preventing their children from having full access to the kinds of educational resources they need.

The survey over nearly 2,000 people also found that the speed of connection (when a connection could be made) was far too slow for modern day needs.

This, coupled with the fact that rural locations and houses are less likely to have access to faster 4G or even 3G connections, is stopping them using the internet to its full potential.

The government has a target to get 95% of the United Kingdom on superfast broadband connectsion (of 30Mbps or higher) by 2017.

Your Opinion

Do you live in a rural area that suffers from very slower internet speeds (or perhaps even no connection at all). What do you think of this report and have you been told of any plans to improve connection speeds and reliability in your area?

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