EE Broadband From Only £2 Per Month With Free Installation

07/05/2014   More broadband deals from EE Broadband


EE Broadband packages have been getting more and more competitive recently and their latest offering allows up to get 17mbps broadband from just £2 per month. This includes free broadband installation and free Norton Security for 12 months worth around £60 (although we’d argue that you may be better off with free anti-virus software but that is another matter!)

If 17mbps isn’t fast enough for you then you can take advantage of their 6 month half pricee fibre optic broadband option which includes half price installation (sadly not free like their non-fibre option) along with the free Norton Security.

Both options come with their Bright Box 2 router which has won several awards and is worth £175 so it’s not a bad deal at all.

If you’re an existing EE Broadband customer please feel free to leave a review of their service to assist our readers in making an informed decision about the best broadband provider for them. What do you think of EE Broadband’s speed and reliability? Are you impressed with the Bright Box 2 router?

Please click here to learn more about both of these EE Broadband packages.

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