Updated BT Broadband and Sainsburys Free Gift Card Amounts

15/08/2013   More broadband deals from BT Broadband

BT Business Broadband

BT Broadband have been running a free Sainsburys gift card promotion for quite a while now due to its popularity. They’ve updated the gift card amounts this week to the following:

Get a £25 Sainsbury’s Gift Card for new BT Broadband customers

Get a £50 Sainsbury’s Gift Card for new  BT Infinity customers

BT consistently get reviewed well on our broadband review page so it’s a great promotion if you’re thinking of changing provider or moving over to BT Infinity for increased speeds.

Tip! One little tip we recommend for people signing up for this promotion: Make sure you remember to go to https://www.vouchers.bt.com/offer/sainsbury/ when you’re BT package have been setup to register for your card. BT won’t do this automatically so it is down to the customer to remember to do this.

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