10 Things To Consider When Choosing a Broadband Provider


laptop If you are choosing your first broadband provider or are looking to move to a different provider then there are several key things to consider. Don’t just jump on the first good deal you see, you need to consider a number of variables and options to ensure you get the best package with the provider most suited to you and your circumstances. We’ve put together a short guide with 10 things we think are important to consider when choosing your... Read More

Moving Broadband Provider


Moving broadband providers used to be a bit of a nightmare in all honesty. Users would worry about days, weeks or longer without a connection while their old and new provider switched everything over. This played in to the hands of the broadband providers as they new they’d got you where they want you. If moving to a new provider was too much hassle and aggravation then the likelihood is that most customers would not bother in the first place.... Read More

Can I Get BT Infinity?


bt-infinity The town I live in has always been the last to get any kind of broadband technology. We seemed to get ADSL after the rest of the country and we’ve not had BT Infinity or fibre optic options which can be frustrating when you see the kinds of amazing broadband speeds other customers can get. My friend told who lives in the same town as me mentioned he’d ordered BT Infinity and it was going to be installed very soon.... Read More

Five Things To Look For From Your Broadband Provider


broadband-provider-checks When it comes to deciding on which broadband provider to choose it can be difficult. You’ll surely have friends and family recommending (or warning against) certain providers and you’ll no doubt have some experience of providers you’ve used in the past. Sometimes the jargon and sales techniques used in adverts and on broadband provider websites can be overwhelming. What parts of the technical specifications are important? What don’t apply to you or the kind of broadband connection you need? What... Read More

The Complete Fibre Optic Broadband Package For Your Family


sky-broadband-logo As technology develops to allow previously unthinkable levels of broadband speed to enter the home, it is vital to keep up with the latest developments. Managing to get a single image to load through a cranky dial-up connection used to feel like a real achievement; however, today’s high definition content and hyper-connectivity make super-quick broadband a requirement in most homes. As broadband speeds increase, so do the appetites of consumers. Fibre optic broadband is the latest generation and it allows... Read More

Broadband Jargon Guide


Speed: The speed you will be able to receive broadband often starts at 512k and can go up to 24mb. These figures depend on several factors including: The package limits from your broadband provider The distance from your telephone exchange The quality of the phone lines in your building Download Limit: Most broadband providers will limit you to a certain amount of downloads or bandwidth every month. For light users under 5GB should be fine but heavy or business users... Read More

Broadband Terminology and Jargon


Broadband Internet access in the UK is constantly growing, as the vast majority of people now embrace the Internet as the key tool of communication and the sharing of information. Throughout the country there are now a multitude of service providers offering high-speed access to the worldwide web, from BT and Orange to Virgin and AOL, your options certainly aren’t limited. In fact with so many options one wants to make the right choice, but this can be hindered by... Read More

Choosing the Right Broadband Provider


Broadband usage in the UK is constantly on the rise, with current figures showing that just under 20 million customer currently connect to the internet at high speeds using the various available technologies. 2010 will see even more growth and the roll out of fibre optic networks with the potential for the next generation of LTE mobile broadband becoming a reality before 2012 rolls around. All this means that there is plenty of competition and recent Ofcom figures show that... Read More

Tips For Staying Safe Online


The internet is an undeniable asset to any family or individual, but the truth is that for all of its value it can also be a dangerous place despite appearances to the contrary. Like any tool, the internet is only useful if it is handled correctly with some decent advice to keep you safe online. If you are slightly unsure about what the potential threats are and how to avoid them, read on. The most publicised online threat is posed... Read More

How Fast is Your Broadband Connection?


Broadband in the UK has been around for over ten years now, and there are a plethora of providers to choose from. It can now be received via ADSL, cable wiring, satellite, or even a mobile network, all with differing packages and costs. What many people do not realise is that the advertised speed of each service is not necessarily the speed you actually receive. Surveys have found that most customers paying for an “up to” 8Mb service were actually... Read More