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Moving broadband providers used to be a bit of a nightmare in all honesty. Users would worry about days, weeks or longer without a connection while their old and new provider switched everything over. This played in to the hands of the broadband providers as they new they’d got you where they want you. If moving to a new provider was too much hassle and aggravation then the likelihood is that most customers would not bother in the first place.

Luckily (from a customer’s point of view at least) this is no longer the case. In recent years the customer has gained more power in choosing their provider and a much simpler method of moving provider means less hassle and more consumer power.

Retention Strategies

There are several bonuses in having the power to choose your provider and move when it suits you. The first one is potential savings and deals from your current provider. When you tell them you want to move to a new provider the chances are they’ll be quite keen to keep you as a customer. They’ll employ retention strategies such as a discount for several months or maybe an upgrade to your package without any additional monthly charges.

Should you accept these retention deals or still move on? Well, that depends on your reasons for wanting to change broadband provider in the first place. If you want to move because of poor connection speeds or lack of good customer support then you should stick to your guns and refuse any offers or discounts dangled in front of you. Stay strong!

If you want to move to find a better deal then tell your current provider. They may be able to match it (or even better it if they are in a generous mood). Remember that you have the power as a consumer to choose who supplies your internet.

Benefits of Moving Providers

One of the biggest benefits to customers are new broadband deals. You’ll often see small print in a broadband advert that states it is for “new customers only”. Well, if you’re going to be a new customer you may as well take advantage of this. Often you’ll find new customers rewarded with free modems, free installation and several months free of charge (or half price). It’s clear to see why many are tempted to move when the offers are so competitive.

How To Change Provider

These days a MAC code is required from your old provider which you’ll need to give to your new provider for the transfer to proceed. This migration authorisation code is like gold dust to a customer as it gives them the power to move. Your old provider may be reluctant to give you this (after all, they want to keep you as a customer) but since 2007 a code of conduct insists all broadband providers must issue the MAC code within 5 working days of the customer requesting it.

Once your new provider has the MAC code everything should be plain sailing. It may still take several weeks for everything to process but you’ll be kept in the loop by your new provider at every stage.

A Word of Caution

There are a few things to consider when moving broadband provider. If you are on a rolling monthly contract or if your contract is coming to an end there should be little problem moving provider. But if you’ve got a 12 or 18 month contract things will get more complicated and it is worth checking with your old provider to see if you can buy yourself out of the contract if you are desperate to move.

Also, if you use an email address provider by your broadband company then the chances are this won’t work when you move. Consider either changing you email address to a non-supplier specific address before you request the move.

Finding The Best Deal

You’ll be bombarded with new broadband deals on the television, posters, magazines and the like so it can be hard to find the best deal. We have put together got a page of the latest broadband deals on our website which is updated regularly. You can also view all broadband providers on a single page to compare their deals, prices and specifications.

We also recommend word of mouth. Ask your family and friends who they use. Are they happy with the customer service? Are they happy with their broadband speed? You can’t beat this kind of recommendation for honesty!

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