The Complete Fibre Optic Broadband Package For Your Family



As technology develops to allow previously unthinkable levels of broadband speed to enter the home, it is vital to keep up with the latest developments. Managing to get a single image to load through a cranky dial-up connection used to feel like a real achievement; however, today’s high definition content and hyper-connectivity make super-quick broadband a requirement in most homes.

As broadband speeds increase, so do the appetites of consumers. Fibre optic broadband is the latest generation and it allows extraordinarily fast download speeds of up to 100Mb/s. Families across the UK are increasingly technology literate and these developments mean that it is more important than ever to choose a reliable broadband package. Limited bandwidth options, with their restricted download limits and usage caps, are no longer suitable for data-hungry families. Sky’s packages can now offer truly unlimited browsing, with inclusive weekend calls as standard.

If one person is streaming the football online, another is catching up on her favourite TV programmes and the others are using Skype while downloading a film, the demands on a router can be astronomical. The latest generation Sky Hub can easily cope with this kind of heavy usage, allowing everyone to do his or her own thing without constraint. Speeds are not restricted during peak-times, and accessing Sky’s world of TV programmes, movies and sports is simple through a connected Sky+ box.

This high standard of connection also makes working from home an attractive and viable option. The quick connection can be used to video conference and even remotely access files and documents on a computer at work using secure programmes such as TeamViewer. Cloud services including Dropbox, Box and SkyDrive can back up an entire hard drive and give users the ability to open work files in any location and on any device. The only limitation to cloud storage is that a quick, reliable internet connection is required for it to be effective. This makes Sky’s high-quality broadband package one of the best available.. Sky customers even get free access to thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots across the country from The Cloud, meaning that working from bars, restaurants and hotels is easy.

Even individuals who are currently outside the areas covered by the latest generation of broadband should not despair. The government is acting on plans to dramatically increase the UK’s coverage over the next two year by upgrading slow copper wires to give 90% of households access to the lightning-fast speeds that fibre optics provide.

This article was produced in association with Sky

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