BT Reduce Broadband and Infinity Monthly Prices


bt-reduced-prices This week sees the end of BT’s popular Sainsbury’s voucher promotion but on the positive side they have reduced the prices of their broadband and BT Infinity 1 packages (and 2 of their TV packages) to compensate. The BT Infinity package is down from £15.00 to £12.50 per month and the BT Broadband deal is reduced fro £8.00 to £7.50 (which reverts to £18.00 per month after the first 12 months) Please click here to view these two price reductions... Read More

Standard Sky Broadband Prices Increase to £10 Per Month


Sky have increased their standard price of their Broadband Unlimited package to £10.00 per month (previously £7.50 per month). In contrast, the contract lenght for Sky Fibre has reduced to 12 months from the 10th July 2015 (Sky Fibre Unlimited remains at 18 months) You can learn more about the new prices on the Sky Broadband website: Read More

TalkTalk to Launch New Mobile Friendly Website


talktalk-200px TalkTalk have announced they are launching a brand new mobile phone friendly website. More and more websites are becoming “responsive” to allow them to display different on different size devices so it is great to see more and more broadband providers switching over. Although they’ve announced the new website it doesn’t seem to be live just so keep your eyes on the TalkTalk website for their new website launch soon!... Read More

BBC Reports That Slow Broadband Is Damaging Education


The BBC are reporting that families in rural areas are suffering from a lack of suitable broadband access which is having a detrimental affect on the education of their children. The report is based on a survey by NFU Mutual (an insurance firm) and it’s findings indicate that as many as 20% of rural families have poor broadband connections. Parents believe this is preventing their children from having full access to the kinds of educational resources they need. The survey... Read More

Free Weekend of BT Sport on October 26th and 27th


BT Sport If you’d like to try out BT Sport before subscribing you’re in luck. BT are running a free weekend of BT Sport on the 26th and 27th October 2013. You’ll be able to view BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and also ESPN channels over this weekend. This applies to customers viewing with Sky, BT TV, Freeview or Virgin TV. If you’re a football fan it is the perfect chance to see Crystal Palace v Arsenal completely free of charge!... Read More

TalkTalk Increase Their Network Speed to 16Mbps


talktalk-200px TalkTalk have announced they are increasing their network speed for their broadband customers! Their current speed of 14Mbps has been increased to 16Mbps following a £100m investment made by TalkTalk to improve their infrastructure and services. No price increase has been made, this speed increased is offered to TalkTalk customers free of charge and automatically. Learn more: Read More

What are Your Experiences of 4G Mobile Phones and Networks?


Best Broadband Providers are on Twitter! With the adoption of 4G mobile phones and networks in the United Kingdom growing quickly in 2013 we will be adding more information and resources about this to our website. To help us build our 4G guide we’d love to know what you’d like to know or what you’d like to learn more about. And likewise, if you’re already a 4G customer we’d be very interested to hear your opinions on how good the service has been and how impressed... Read More

What Do You Think Of The New BT Home Hub 4?


BT Home Hub 4 BT’s new Home Hub 4 has been out for a month or so now and we’ve began to get the first lot of reviews in. If you’ve got one of the new hubs and would like to pass on your comments and reviews about it please click here to send us your message or leave a comment below… We’ll collect all the best comments and reviews for a future blog post to give our readers an overall summary of people’s... Read More

Totally Unlimited Broadband Now Available From TalkTalk


talktalk-250px TalkTalk have announced they are now offering a ‘totally unlimited broadband’ service on their Essentials and Plus TV packages. Basically, this means TalkTalk will no longer use traffic management during peak hours (normally used to slow connections) meaning you’ll get a more consistently fast speed at all times. They’ve also introduced a Totally Unlimited Broadband service which is provided in in accordance with the industry Broadband Stakeholders Group voluntary code of practice. Essentially, their trying to make broadband packages and jargon... Read More

BT Broadband Win 3 Awards From


uSwitch Broadband Awards BT Broadband have won 3 awards for their broadband from the annual awards. In total BT won 3 of the awards including: Best Broadband, TV & Home Phone Best Customer Rated Fibre Broadband Best Home Broadband & Phone BT Broadband have always rated very highly with our website user reviews so these awards backup their reputation. You can view all of BT’s current Broadband deals on their website here: A full list of winners can be found on the... Read More

Our Broadband Provider Review Page


Broadband Reviews Today we’ve launched a new page on our website that collects all of the reviews of all the broadband providers that have been written by our visitors in to one place. Our new broadband review page shows a stream of all reviews for all providers with the most recent at the top! Please feel free to leave your own comments about your own broadband provider to help us rate the best broadband providers on our website.... Read More

Best Broadband Providers are on Twitter!


Best Broadband Providers are on Twitter! Best Broadband Providers are now on Twitter to help you know about the latest deals as soon as they become available! Simply head over to Twitter to follow us or just say high and we’ll let you know about all the latest broadband offers, promotions and important news as soon as we publish it on our website. You can find us on Twitter here: Read More

Let Us Know Your Reviews Of Virgin Media


virgin-media-broadband-logo Are you a Virgin Media customer? If so we’d love to hear your thoughts on their service and support and how you’d rate them. Let us know if you use their broadband services or if you have one of their Virgin Media Collection packages. How easy was it to setup? How would you rate their customer and support services? Are you happy with the speed of your connection? We’d love to get your feedback on Virgin Media to help our... Read More

Have You Considered Zen Internet For Your Broadband?


zen-internet-broadband-logo Highly regarded Zen Internet have been providing fast broadband since 1995 and have built up their business around providing quality service and customer support. I’ve always regarded Zen Internet in the same tier as other broadband providers like IDNet who while being less well known on a larger scale, focus on providing exceptional service (both in terms of their support and quality of their broadband) to business and residential users. They may not have the exposure of some of the larger broadband suppliers in... Read More

Share Your Experiences Of Amazing Broadband Customer Service


1360518002_amor We are putting together an article containing feedback from our users of amazing customer service they’ve received from their broadband provider. Have you had great customer service from your broadband provider? Have they gone the extra mile to fix your problem or improve your service? If so we’d love to hear experiences and stories. Please leave your reviews and experiences in the comment section underneath, we’d really appreciate you sharing your broadband provider stories.... Read More

Facebook Poll: Vote For Your Favourite Broadband Provider


Facebook Broadband Poll We’ve setup a quite poll on our Facebook page to let you vote for your favourite broadband provider. Simply click the link below and click to vote on your favourite provider who you’ve received the best service from, the best speed and the best reliability from from your experience. We’ll be posting the results of the poll when enough votes have been cast! Click here to vote for your favourite broadband provider!... Read More

We Need Your Reviews Of Be Broadband!


be-broadband Today we’ve added Be Broadband to our collection of broadband providers and we’d really appreciate you leaving your reviews and comments of Be Broadband if you are one of their customers. Be Broadband won the Best Consumer Fixed Broadband ISP at the ISPA Awards in 2010 and have always had good feedback for their super-fast broadband packages but we’d love to hear experiences from Be Broadband’s customers on their service, speed and reliability. Please click here to view the Be... Read More

Welcome to the brand new Best Broadband Providers website!


best-broadband-providers-google-plus-profile Hello and welcome to our fancy new website! We took your feedback on-board about our old website and we’ve aimed to make our new one easier to use, nicer to look at and more up to date. We are adding more broadband providers over the next few days and will be uploading a new range of broadband guides soon. If there is an area of broadband you’d like to know more about let us by leaving a comment at the... Read More