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Last updated on 18th January 2013:

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Our website aims to provide up to date information about the latest broadband providers and packages. We do not supply broadband directly, we only link to the websites of UK based broadband providers to help our website users find the best deals.

While every effort is made to ensure the information and prices quoted on our website are correct we cannot take responsibility for any changes that are made by the broadband providers. It is the website user’s responsibility to check the prices and offers before making a decision to purchase broadband from one of the companies listed on our website.

We offer an impartial service and do not intend to give preferential treatment to any broadband provider, supplier or ISP. Some links on our website may use “affiliate links” which will allow the broadband provider to know which website the user came from which they may pay commission for. We will not give preferential placings to broadband providers who run affiliate programs, we sort alphabetically where suitable.

We offer free inclusion to our directory to all UK trading broadband providers, suppliers and ISPs at our discretion and reserve the right to remove any listings at any time without notice. If we have not included your ISP on our website please contact us to request free inclusion.

When you leave our website to view a broadband provider’s website we cannot be held responsible for the content held on their website.